Mr. Gschwind's Math Classroom

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Graphs - How can you use graphs in your life?  Can you identify a misleading graph?  Why would someone use a misleading graph?

Graph Poster Projects - Find 10 graphs and paste them to a poster board.  Develop three questions from each graph.  Exchange your poster with a classmate and answer the questions.

Creating graphs with MS Excel - Create various types of graphs using the Chart Wizard function of MS Excel.  Try manipulating the scale and/or interval to change the appearance of the graph and the impression it gives to a viewer.


What's your risk for rollover? - Look up your family's car, truck or SUV and see how many stars it received from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's five-star rating system based on a vehicle's "static stability factor" (SSF), the measure of a vehicle's likelihood to roll over.  Then choose twenty vehicles, group them by type (car, truck, SUV), and use MS Excel to graph their SSF.  Can you draw any conclusions from the data?  Could you manipulate the grouping, scale and/or interval of your graphs to alter these conclusions or perceptions?  What factors, other than vehicle type, do you think influence a vehicle's tendency to roll over?


Create each of the five Platonic Solids.



01011001 = 89?! - Learn about binary numbers.  "Decimal numbers in disguise!"

A decimal to binary converter.





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