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Project One Million - Million Mosaic and Million Poster Projects:  In what ways can you help someone understand the true size of the number one million?



Angles and Parallel Lines - Two parallel lines cut by a transversal form several angles.  Can you remember the names of the angles that are formed and the relationships between their measures?



Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section



Traffic Light System - Perform an urban planning experiment using this Traffic Light System Java applet.  Can you correctly time the stoplights to maximize city traffic flow?



Reaction Time - Test your reaction time using this Reaction Time Java applet.  As a class, we tested our individual reaction times.  We then used that data to create a line graph, bar graph, line plot and stem-and-leaf diagram.  We also found the mean, median, mode and range of our class data.  We then developed written conclusions based on the class data.




April is Mathematics Awareness Month.





Celebrate Pi Day - March 14th with The Ridiculously Enhanced Pi Page.





The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher.





Math and the Weather

Have you ever wondered what exactly is wind?

The Beaufort Scale.

What's the weather like on The Weather Channel?

Wind chill index assignment.

Math meets meteorology on "Weather Watchers".

World Climate - "What the weather is 'normally' like for tens of thousands of places worldwide!"



Launching STARDUST - A great site where you must compute the thrust required to launch the STARDUST satellite into orbit.  A Java applet then displays the success or failure of your orbital thrust calculations.





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