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I want to welcome all students and parents to my math classes.  I have listed the following information to assist parents in ensuring their child performs well in math class:

1.  Ensure that your student arrives to math class prepared with the necessary materials each and every day, including their book, spiral notebook, calculator, pencil, homework and their assignment notebook.

2.  While I do attempt to ask each student an individual question during each class period, please ensure that your child participates in class by asking questions when he or she has them.  Participating in class, answering questions and completing problems at the board, when asked, is required of students.

3.  Ensure that your student utilizes the opportunities available for extra help, including during study hall and after school.

4.  A major factor of success in a math class is consistent, thorough completion of homework assignments, including showing all work.  Please ensure that your student completes all of the assigned problems every time homework is assigned.  If your student is having difficulty with an assignment, they should at least attempt to complete all of the problems.  All work must be shown to get credit for an assignment.

5.  You can visit our team website to check what homework was assigned for the day.  Even though homework is posted online, students should be writing down all of their homework assignments in their assignment notebook, whether or not they finish it in class or study hall.

6.  If time is provided in class for students to work on homework, they must use the time to work on their math assignment only.  They cannot use that time to complete other work.

7.  Homework is accepted up to one day late for half-credit.

8.  When a student is absent, they will have the same number of days that they were absent to turn in any homework and take any tests.  Please note that if, for example, a student is present on a Monday, is absent Tuesday and Wednesday, and returns on Thursday, any work, quiz or test that due or taken on Tuesday (the first day they were absent) must be turned in and/or taken on Thursday (the first day they return).  The student cannot wait until Friday to hand in work or take a test that was due and/or taken on Tuesday.  If a student is absent only on the day before a previously announced quiz or test, the student must take the test on the day they return.

9.  Utilize the online gradebook resource to keep track of your student's grade and attendance.  Grades are inputted on a daily basis.  This means that your child's grade can and will change daily.





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