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The Mathematics of Flight Video - Captain Jenkins gives us a tour of West Chicago from the air after we discuss the mathematics behind aircraft weight and balance as well as the aircraft instrumentation.    Learn why Datum = moment / weight and how to use that calculation, along with your graphing skills, to determine whether you are under the "curve", meaning the aircraft is properly balanced and can fly safely.  Learn the basic principles behind how an airfoil and altimeter works and why the altimeter does not read zero when you are on the ground.  What do the numbers at the end of the runway mean?  Learn about how the weather can influence safe flight, how wind velocity and wind sheer related, why airspeed and groundspeed often differ, and what those numbers on the end of the runway really mean?

Visit the DuPage County Airport website.

A special thanks goes out to United Airlines 777 Captain Jenkins (Retired) and his son for their time, patience and assistance in creating this truly unique mathematics instructional tool.  This video simply would not have been possible without your expertise.




Randy's Painting and Wallpapering Video - Handyman Randy teaches us the importance of math to a painting and wallpapering business owner.  Learn why careful estimation and measurement keeps the customer happy while careful record keeping keeps Uncle Sam and the IRS happy.

A special thanks goes out to Randy for lending his assistance and business expertise in creating another truly unique mathematics instructional tool.




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