Mr. Gschwind's Math Classroom

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View information on Mr. G's math videos.

View the many Java applets used in class.

View streaming videos at Nova scienceNOW.


Computer Software Programs Used In Class

Green Globs and Graphing Equations - Learn about linear, quadratic, circle, ellipse and hyperbola graphs.  Then test your graphing skills by seeing how many Green Globs you can hit using only one graph.

The Geometer's Sketchpad - The applications of this software program are practically limitless!  Easily construct and manipulate geometric figures to explore any number of geometric concepts.


Other Technology Links

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.  A great site for virtual "hands-on" materials.  Includes many graphical representations of mathematics problems.

More math games, including a link to Who Wants To Be A Mathonaire?

See the schedule for Mr. Gschwind's Winter or Spring 2003 Northern Illinois University Technology Showcase presentation.

View Math related Internet links.  Each 100% certified mathematically useful!





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